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Welcome to Tokyo Piano's home page!

Feel free to contact us in English!
We deliver all around Japan!

We're a delivery company that can help you with moving to a new home, keep your belongings safe in storage, as well as quickly transporting heavy objects, such as pianos, safes, multifunction printers, precision equipment, heavy machinery and medical equipment, all over Japan.
Prices depend on the requested items and locations. First of all, please contact us via the contact information below.

Phone: 03-5616-0333 (Ask for : Mr. Iwai)

Business Description

【For individual customers】

We deliver equipment such as piano and other heavy musical instruments, heavy massage machines, solar panels, and storage batteries to your designated location at the time you want.
Carrying in/out and installation
By operating cranes mounted on trucks used by piano shipping companies, we safely carry items in and out of difficult places, to the desired floor and position.
Cleaning, repairs, and maintenance
We'll clean your valuable piano and restore it to mint condition.
Staff members with special expertise provide services such as exterior repairs, painting, and tuning.

【For businesses and delivery companies】

We deliver all across Japan
The delivery network we've developed covers all routes in the country.
By using our non-pallet and non-packaged transport services, packaging work is eliminated, increasing efficiency. We deliver, install, and accept all tasks for transporting items nationwide.
Special items and heavy equipment
We deliver, transport, install, and move motorized bicycles, electric mobility scooters, electric billboards, glass food display cases, 3D printers, multifunction printers, as well as difficult-to-handle items such as medical equipment, precision equipment, concert grand pianos, automatic ticket gates, and ticket vending machines. Our experienced staff can handle everything for you.
Interior repairs
In case the delivery company accidently damages any part of the building, including floors and walls, our expert staff will provide repair services.
Item deposit and disposal
Trust us to securely deposit items, products, and machines belonging to your company.
We will also answer requests to dispose of equipment deposited with us.